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Recommend a non-fiction gaming book

@laughatbrian wants your suggestion for a non-fiction book about gaming. Throw yours out there!

This was a pretty interesting read, though some parts of it were dry. I still recommend it.
if you liked blood, sweat and pixels id recommend

Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry
An interesting period of Nintendo's history in particular
After I finished my degree, I really wasn't going to use it because of my current line of work, so thought I would use it as a side gig and do some developing for myself. It has some great detail on how to take a game from thought to paper to game engine with examples
I don't read a lot of non-fiction, but I'm intrigued by "Console Wars".
I had a SNES and my best friend had a Genesis, and we'd sometimes argue about which was better. The answer of course is SNES!
Apparently there's a miniseries adaptation in the works for those who'd rather watch than read.
Always enjoy reading books about gaming. Bitmap Books makes amazing compendium books on a variety of topics. Also really liked Blood Sweat and Pixels and also Press Reset. Also Patrick Hickey Jr makes a really good "The Minds Behind The Games" series full of interviews from tons of developers.