PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita

"Once of those handhelds that had so much potential but never lived up to the original hype."

PlayStation Vita

"I always had a hard time with owning the game on the non-portable platform and having to buy it for portable. -hugs Nintendo Switch-"

PlayStation Vita

"Oh Vita...I love you. You were on the subways of NYC everyday with me back in the day. Such an underrated handheld. Had great FULL games like Uncharted and Assassin's Creed and original ideas for the weird back touch screen like Little Deviants. Still good for some Lumines or Binding of Isaac sessions. "

PlayStation Vita

"Better than the original portable but felt the marketing could've been improved for more main stream usage"

PlayStation Vita

"This was a lot of fun! I got this to play a game with friends. We were really into the Monster Hunter games. "

PlayStation Vita

"Ahead of its time and not properly supported. I liked it for what it was but there is a reason it is in the past."





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