Game Boy Advance SP

Game Boy Advance SP

"Fitting into a little case is a valuable addition to this. I like the backwards compatibility. I'm a fan of all game boys."

Game Boy Advance SP

"Slight improvement over the GBA, but I had already given up on handheld gaming by this point."

Game Boy Advance SP

"Good handheld console, but not as good as the advance IMO. Didn’t really seem like much of a trade up. "

Game Boy Advance SP

"Backlit screen was definitely a game changer for me!"

Game Boy Advance SP

"Really nice update for portable gaming "

Game Boy Advance SP

"Definitely an improvement over the GBA from a display perspective. It was more portable too. I really enjoyed the game library as well."

Game Boy Advance SP

"Best Gameboy hands down. Backlight was amazing, especially being able to change the brightness. "

Game Boy Advance SP

"My experience with the Gameboy Advance SP comes only as an adult, but I'm slowly catching up on everything I missed. It's a major improvement over the Gameboy Color I had as a teen and adolescent, like holding a SNES in the palm of your hand. The biggest dings against it are the lack of an integrated headphone slot and the relatively weak back light, though it's still a massive improvement over the OG GBA's screen."





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