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Channel 3 Streamers
Official club for Channel 3 gamers who stream.
Joel Willis Hard Stuck
Designer, Developer, Founder of Channel 3
i am the best...
MattyKirsch 8bit Squad (2)
I go for thrills not kills!
Head of Rocket League @Channel3gg, Host of @TheDadGaming. RLCS Coach for First Class.
Dani Ahrens Founding Member
Hey! I’m Daniiii!! (They/Them)
Tony Moreno Dedicated Spider
Dad, Therapist, and Gamer. Co-caster for @haloinfinite and @fortnite with @TheDadGaming . Gong Show: Event that proves to be a disaster, often in a fun or memorable way
Bayesic Alpha Dog
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe speedrunner who makes in-depth guides for every track in the game on both 150cc and 200cc
Father, husband, gamer, and teacher. Channel 3 admin.
Mad Harry Rackham S6 Meme Lord (2)
Just a dad playing video games and making art.
Reuben Qualls Here since Season 0
I'm the Dadmin for The Dad Gaming. I enjoy a pretty wide variety of games, when actually have the time to play!
Rocket League and FPS streamer, caster for @thedadgamingclub , husband and father of 2 girls.
Dan Tucker Be Greater
I came here to chew bubble gum and play video games, and I got some bubblegum right here. You are most likely to find Smash Brothers and Mario Kart here.
Father | RL GC | Dev | Coach | Caster | Divergent Thinker | The Funnier Co-Host of The Bucket & Hoosier Show
Gaming since I could hold a controller, I love open world RPGS, shooters, adventure games, rare indie finds, fighters and more. I love to laugh and engage with whoever will stick around for my shaninegans hahaha.
The official gaming CLIPS curation account for Channel 3
Brian McGuinness A little TOO Raph
Funny comedian & amazing voice actor. Host of Playable Characters Podcast.
RandissBobandiss Here since Season 0
Proud Canadian Gamer, moderator and content creator with The Dad Gaming! Father to a handsome little man !
Brad Welbourne Rosey
Father of 2 and Rocket League Host and Caster!
JediJohann The Bad Guy
A grown man playing pretend. A board game enthusiasts, very active Mario Kart racer, and Mario Golf specialists.
Husband, father, video gamer, crappy Fortnite player, content creator.
Jason Bullock Founding Member
Unapologetic geek & gamer when my kids let me. My opinions are my own & will probably offend you.
I'm a full-time husband/father, a semi-professional outdoorsman, a retired race car driver, and an amateur Rocket Leaguer!
MudokonQueenTTV Alpha Dog
👩‍💻ft slave to corpo america -🎮pt gamer - 🖥️occasional streamer - 🎨editor of all things in ms paint - ✊she/her/hers
Trans-Gamer Live
Dad. Husband. Pacific NW born and raised. Home chef (love grilling!) Proud PC & Console Gamer.
ohtwotwo Cheesehead
husband. father of 3. veteran. 3x Mario Golf Champion. Mario Battle Golf Champion. 4x Kart Gangs Champ. Group B Champion. Probably time trialing...
Love God. Love my family. Love games.
Hey everyone! Been gaming for most of my life on and off. Some of my favourites range from retro and current titles such as SMB series, TMNT series, Shadowgate, DK series, Super Punch-Out!!!, Legend of Zelda Series and Final Fantasy series just a few to gauge my taste of gameplay. See you in stream!
Trashdoc16 Wheel God
Just a trash gamer who occasionally does something.
Redblueblur1693gaming Founding Member
Gamer. Geek. Lego MCU collector. Variety Virtual Photographer for @playavengers @nomanssky @GOTGthegame @Destinythegame Currently 🎮 Ghost of Tsushima
White Thunder Turbo (14)
You don't have to be the best, just be YOUR best
Bromigo Bromein Founding Member
Your favorite subpar 90s cranking, splat splooshin’, blue shell aficionado! Memer by weekday and streamer by weekend; trying to keep you as minimally entertained as possible!
I make a lotta noise with guitar and pedals and call it ambient music. V casual gamer with a bad dad joke habit.
Father of 2 and step-dad to 2 more. Located in Montreal and trying my hand at this streaming thing. Thanks for checking it out.
thunderpump_ Turbo (15)
Father of 5 - Agent with eXp Realty - Average Gamer - Twitch Affiliate - Epic Partner
Dad of two beautiful kids. Love God, Love Others. YouTuber. Avid baseball fan! Go Cubs Go!
Justin Kennedy S5 Event Winner
Hero, your health is low!
James Taylor Game NPC
Husband, Father, Evangelical Cr3wstian
Matt Kovarik Founding Member
Family/Gaming/Streaming/Lore nerd/Student. Season Fore TDG Champ. TDG Smash Bros crew champ x1 (Tex's Titans)
TheHarryEagle Founding Member
Just a dude trying to make it in the world of streaming. Family Friendly Streamer. Just switched from FB Gaming to YouTube.
Matt Fisher Founding Member
Oh man this guy.
I've played more games than I can remember and I've spent more time playing them than comprehensible to my own brain. I also stream on Twitch when I can get my brain juices flowing. Oh and uh maybe look at my reviews, you won't regret it.
a legend when I’m faded, even better when I’m sober
“Living life without fear, putting 5 carats in my baby girls ear”
🌽⛺ creator, UX Designer by day, horror and variety streamer by night. Many memes, so wow. Streaming Omori Mon/Tu, and ❓❓❓ on Sun!
Streamer/Gamer/Nerd/Weeb I love a lot of things but my wife more than anything
SeenIt👀 Founding Cr3w
5'10 IRL but 6'8 on the sticks 🎮
Old age doesn't have to be dull and boring, it can be frantic and dramatic... Just play Rocket League
thoughtcake508 Rosey
Just your average nerdy mom
izimmbiplays Alpha Dog
The mom, the gamer, the streamer.
Esports Management student @ Miami U and aspiring games producer
Might be a web developer in the future, but I'm always a gamer at heart